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Kingdom Rush Games are Free in Rare Mobile Sale –


Jacobi Reddix March 19th, 2020 – 9:06 PM
To keep everyone busy during the recommended self-isolation to slow down Covid-19, many mobile games have gone on sale. As the list constantly grows, an almost rare set of titles have been added to the list under the name of Kingdom Rush Origins and Kingdom Rush Frontier until March 22nd. Both of these games are free on both iOS and Andriod, as they regularly go between $2  and $5 on the App Store.
There are many other digital games on sale, including the eShop and the App Store section of movies and TV shows. Other titles that have been included in this sale are Hyperforma, Sorcery!, Le Havre, The Talos Principle, and many more. Along with Kingdom Rush, many other games have been modified for those self-isolating. At the same time as these modifications, many other games and gaming events have faced postponement and cancellations in order to protect and regulate large groups of people as they flock to these events. The company behind Kingdom Rush, Ironhide studios, wrote this on their Twitter page:
“We know it’s hard to stay inside due to COVID-19, so at Ironhide we want to make that time at least more fun. We believe and love our players and community and want you to be safe.”
We believe and love our players and community and want you to be safe. Get the games for free here:
Frontiers 👉
Origins 👉
Fontiers 👉
Origins 👉
— Ironhide Game Studio (@ironhidegames) March 17, 2020
Kingdom Rush: Origins is the third installment of the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga, loved by millions and earning praises from gamers and critics around the globe. The game follows the formula of a typical tower-defense game. Placing towers on the side of a path to destroy enemies that appear in predetermined waves, the objective is to defeat all the waves before they reach the end of the path, using the towers and certain abilities. Combined, both of these games have a 4+ star rating from over 270,000 gamers and fans.
Jacobi Reddix

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