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Korea’s influencer marketing platform ‘U-Connec’ launches products for YouTube shorts – koreatechdesk


U-Connec offers marketing solutions for YouTube Shorts.
South Korea’s No. 1 YouTube influencer platform U-Connec has launched a YouTube shorts experience group product that can simultaneously secure multiple reviews and secondary advertising materials at a reasonable cost.
Since launching the YouTube influencer marketing service in 2017, U-Connec has been the No. 1 YouTube influencer marketing platform in South Korea. It has been running more than 3,700 YouTube marketing campaigns for 600 companies and a network of about 100,000 YouTube creators. 
Uconnec’s YouTube Shorts Experience Team is a product that can be conducted with at least 10 micro YouTubers with 1,000 or more subscribers and a fixed reconnaissance system. In addition, a second license of 6 months is provided so that it can be used as its site or advertising material. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses and startups that need a lot of review content for new products and promotions can secure YouTube search exposure and advertising materials at a reasonable price.
YouTube Shorts are concise vertical content up to 60 seconds long. According to the announcement of the Asia Pacific press conference for the 1st anniversary of YouTube Shorts held on YouTube in July, the shorts record an average of over 30 billion views per day and have grown more than four times in over a year, showing a steep growth rate.
In addition, U-Connec changed the Seeding service, an advertisement product for the YouTuber experience group, to a fixed price reconnaissance system, allowing advertisers to secure seeding content and secondary licenses even with regular YouTube videos.
U-Connec provides big data of YouTube creators for advertisers
Through the creator search function launched in March of this year, U-Connec provides big data on about 100,000 YouTube active creators in Korea and provides information on the average number of views, advertisement cost, popular videos, and video of YouTubers.
Through the platform, various partnerships between companies, advertising agencies, and influencers are possible by providing various outreach mailing and chatting functions such as advertisements, group purchases, live commerce, and online classes. It is also moving forward as an essential marketing solution for advertisers who are planning to launch new products or promote promotions as they can conduct experience groups with various social media influencers such as Instagram, Naver Blog, and TikTok.
 Dae-Ik Kim, CEO of U-Connec, said, “U-Connec aims to be the most essential solution for social media experience groups and advertisers such as small businesses, small businesses, and advertising agencies who want to secure advertising materials.” By automating the entire process of recruiting and running campaigns, we will save time and resources for advertisers. Still, we will focus on becoming a solution that can promote at a reasonable price.”
U-Connec signed a partnership contract in Korea with Canada’s BroadbandTV (BBTV), the world’s No. 1 multi-channel network (MCN) company, in 2019. It is an ad-tech company that provides influencer marketing services to help agencies succeed.
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