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Our first 5 fixtures and other key dates… |

Our first 5 fixtures and other key dates…


So the fixtures are out and we can already start getting excited about the new season 🙂

August 05th – Crystal Palace – AWAY

August 13th – Leiceister – HOME

August 20th – Bournemouth – AWAY

August 27th – Fulham – Home

August 30th – Villa – HOME

Key dates:

Sept 3rd – Man Utd – Away

October 1st – Tottenham – Home

October 8th – Liverpool – Home

October 18th – Man City – Home

November 5th – Chelsea – Away

January 14th – Tottenham – Away

January 21st – Man Utd – Away

April 8th – Liverpool – Away

April 26th – Man City – Away

April 29th – Chelsea – Home

Summary analysis:

  • Our first 5 games are not against the “big” teams.
  • The first half of the season sees us host all the big teams except Chelsea.
  • The second half of the season sees us play away to all big teams except Chelsea.
  • The months of October, January and April will be tough and critical.

We need to be ready from Day 1 as our first half of the season will see us host the big teams so we cannot lost points then. If we do not do well in the first half of the season, I think our season will be totally compromised so Arteta-Edu, get your business done early and make sure our team is ready and roaring to go as of 5th of August!

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